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Eugene/Springfield Oregon

The Emerald City and Track Town USA are just two nicknames for Eugene, Oregon and the surrounding area. It is a well known hot spot for both lush, dense greenery in the forests and waterways and a infamous training/gathering hub of some of the fastest athletes in the world. It is the birthplace of the Nike brand and well known for the sports accolades of the University of Oregon Ducks in a variety of sports, especially college football. Donald Duck, the mascot for the University of Oregon, is the only sports mascot by Disney. The University of Oregon was also the home of Steve Prefontaine, a record breaking runner in his day, accumulating eleven indoor/outdoor records and nine sub-4-minute miles. Steve prevailed as a long distance runner, and gleaned fourth place finish in the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany.

The area is also know for its vibrant art and counterculture scenes, political activities, and natural splendors. Eugene is home to some of our regions best breweries, and downtown Eugene hubs are infused with bottle shops, tap houses, and growler fill stations.