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Carports and Pole Barns

Need a larger or more basic cover or storage solution? Often a simple roof overhead can be just what you need. Your Garage Builder can build a carport structure wherever you need it on your property. It can also be easily and tastefully attached to your current dwelling. Carports are also usually a less expensive option. It can be easily attached to your home without diminishing the style or structure, or can be constructed as a separate structure without detracting from your homes current look. Typically your carport can be created with no walls, or with only one or two walls.

A detached carport(or detached garage) can be also be more securely accessible by creating a breezeway connecting the structure to the house. A breezeway structure can also be constructed with or without walls, or with an eye-pleasing combination to your choosing.

If you have the space and need, Your Garage Builder can also construct a pole barn on your site to meet your specifications. These can range from just a metal roof raised on poles, providing cover for a varied equipment and easy accessibility, to a custom designed and constructed enclosure made for your vehicles or to home your horses or other animals. A pole barn is the most cost effective way to supply a larger building to you site. They can be made as large as is allowed by your local building codes for your size of property. They can also be designed with many different exterior fascia and the interiors can host any number of amenities.